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Gravel & Rock

  • Granite (SB2, Ballast, #57, Rip Rap)
  • Iron Ore (Crushed, Washed, 2×4, Rip Rap)
  • Limestone (Various sizes)
  • Slag (Base, Oversize)
  • River Rock (Various sizes)
  • Asphalt Millings

Culverts - Metal & Plastic

Various sizes of Plastic and Tinhorn Culverts.

  • Delivery available.

Sand & Dirt

  • Fill Dirt – good for filling holes, building up landscapes, pads under construction and around big items that need to be packed down such as septic tanks

  • Topsoil – Good for gardening and drainage

  • Masonry sand (Tan or White) – fine graded sand good for brick laying, play sand boxes and under swimming pools

Septic Tank

Concrete septic tank with lid:

  • 375 gallon
  • 500 gallon

**Lids can be sold seprately

Storm Shelter

Inground reinforced precast concrete storm shelter fits up to 12 people. Delivery available.

  • Installation subcontracted out
  • Suitable to FEMA 320 guidelines